Back The Blue

Each year Somerset First Church honors all local police with a buffet meal, music and fellowship in the social hall. We are averaging 60-70 local, state, county, game wardens and DA office. Just our way to tell them they are appreciated. Several retired state police assist in getting the word out and facilitating this activity. 


Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study - Mondays @ 9:45 AM

Men’s Bible Study - Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM


Camp Allegheny

Over the years, First Church has invested much time and money into the UMC camping program at Camp Allegheny. Our children have attended Day Camp and various youth camping programs there consistently. There was a statistic that nearly 50% of all Western PA UMC pastors found the Lord thru camping experiences. We contribute regularly to the activities of the camp.


Caring Christians Women's Ministry

This hardworking group of ladies perform many endearing tasks to help the local community in need. Some of their projects include; blankets, baskets, and military family collections, shut-in goody bags


Flight 93

For the past 3 years, we have hosted sailors from the USS Somerset. We help to arrange their weekend of activities, then welcome them for a buffet meal in honor of 9/11. They also attend church that Sunday. We have developed quite an ongoing relationship with them for 2 reasons: Their ship is named after Somerset and is partly constructed with metal from here and NY. They have Somerset county street names throughout the ship. Also connected via my book on 9/11. Chaplains have commented about watching our services on FB.



This dovetails with our Music Ministry. One result is a STRING group of young people whom now share in church services, at the Towers, and our FB ministry.


Lenten/Advent Services

For years, we have been the host community center for these ecumenical services. Many member churches of the Somerset Area Ministerium take turns offering means and music during these special times of the year.



Music plays an important part of the viability of our church.We range from traditional worship, jazz, contemporary, to new STRINGS. There are a number of church members with GIFTS in these areas.


Mutual Team Ministry 

Around June/July 2019, Somerset First Church embarked upon a new organizational format entitled Mutual Team Ministry (MTM). There is still a point person, Senior Pastor, but we believe in the TEAM concept. Our senior pastor, having been a long-time coach in high school athletics readily bought into this TEAM concept. He and the church believe ideas, movements, visions that come from WITHIN are much more acceptable to the whole body of believers than TOP-DOWN leadership styles. We have eliminated lots of needless meetings in this style, and find we are more efficient in the long run. People can more easily “FOLLOW” an ideal plan they helped to VISION, than one from the hierarchy.


Narcotics Anonymous  

Our church has opened its doors to NA meetings for years. We are pleased to host and welcome folks seeking answers to life's problems. A side bonus here is we are honored to work with the children of NA clients in CRAFTS, BIBLE LESSON, and SNACKS.


St. John's Cemetery  

A separate, but important function of our church, is our beautiful cemetery which offers reasonable services to folks from our church family and community.


Solar Samaritans

This ministry puts solar panels, primarily on low income homes and non-profits. We’ve been together for a number of years. Some examples are Summers Best Two Weeks, Conservation District, Camp Allegheny, and Somerset Food Bank. Our goal is to assist people with their electrical grid and minimize their monthly electric bills. We have plans for expansion.


Teen Quest

A residential camp specifically for teens which is located within 6 miles of Somerset. Full camp activities include: swimming, boating, fishing, horseback riding, trampoline, obstacle course, tennis, basketball, golf, and laser tag. Their goal is to bring kids to Christ.


Teaching Parish

Our staff has been designated as a Teaching Parish offering Lay Servant Classes and recently began the training/equipping of Certified Lay Ministers. This has been an exciting new ministry. Our first graduates begin MINISTRY now!


Contact Information

Somerset First Church
149 W. Patriot Street
Somerset, PA 15501
Phone:  814-445-5736
Rev. David McCall, Pastor
Cell: 814-279-1390
Secretary:  Tammy McCall
Office Hours:  MWF  9:00AM-1:00PM

Weekly Schedule

Sunday Mornings:

Sunday School - 9:15 AM

Sunday Service - 10:30 AM

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